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"Lay me good"

Featuring: Camille Morgan and Mirko Steel
Duration: 18:22
Camille Morgan first visited SCORE in late 2007. "I have a friend who said to me, 'Why don't you model?' And I have done some modeling in music videos, and he said, 'No, breast modeling.' He told me about SCORE, and we went to the website [], and I saw the video with Gianna Rossi talking about what SCORE does." At the time, Camille only wanted to model by herself in toy-girl, not boy-girl. She'd appeared on two episodes of the reality TV dating show Elimidate, one of the hornier programs during that now-out-of-favor dating show trend. "I kind of strayed away from the modeling/video type of thing," Camille said. "Too much controversy. And I wasn't getting paid enough. It's like nine hours of work and you get paid like two, three hundred bucks. It's not worth it." In 2009, two years after her debut, Camille had the same feeling about trying hardcore. "It depends on what the shoot would consist of," Camille told me. "If there is penetration from his penis, the answer is no.

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January 16, 2015
Love that beautiful cleavage.
November 17, 2013
she is one of my favorite ebony pornstars right behind janet jade more vids plz
November 05, 2013
we need more of sexxxy ebony women like camille encore score subscribers want more of her

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