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Bangin' Brandy's Naturals

By Elliot James
This was Brandy Talore's first hardcore scene. I mean the VERY first before she became a porn star, when Brandy was still a girl-next-door dancer from Ohio and new to it all. Her partner is Anthony, a dude who was a regular TSG stud for a long time before he moved to Los Angeles. Anthony was always passionately and sweatily into the girls, and that's the kind of guy who should do porn because the chick follows his lead.

An adult video critic I know, Roger Pipe, wrote this review when he saw this video: "From day one, she has been a natural choice for SCORE stardom. I know that people are watching Brandy for her enormous jugs, but I think that she has one of the prettiest faces in all of porn. The P.O.V. blowjob footage here is really good as she makes his meat disappear. Keeping the core audience happy, she lets him enjoy a hot tit fuck before rolling over to let him into her pussy." Roger called that one.

Brandy fucked in this scene less than a year after she first came to The SCORE Group. So when Dave or I say "never say never" about a girl trying hardcore, we mean it. I remember Brandy's first on-camera interview at a time when Dave and I did threesome interviews. Intellectual threesome interviews, of course. Some of them are still archived at SCORELAND or

Brandy told us in her scolding manner with that quavering girly voice of hers, "Never say nice tits or nice rack. Say, 'Oh, your breasts are nice,' or 'Your body is nice,' but please don't say, 'Nice tits.' It's vulgar."

Obviously, we didn't even go to the topic of hardcore if we couldn't say "Nice tits." After all, Brandy was green, and it didn't look like she was game to talk about fucking with cameras rolling. We didn't want her throwing her heels at us. She did tell a funny story about walking around an Ohio porn shop with a girlfriend and attracting a lot of attention with their short skirts, but that was as close to the topic of porn as we got.

Now we flash-forward to 2009 and Brandy talking to a Voluptuous editor. "Well, I said I would never do porn at all. It was even printed in Voluptuous that I said I would never do hardcore. But later I decided I would try it and it was fun and I've been doing it for a few years now. You have to remember that I was really young when I first came here. The idea of even showing my boobs and pussy was kind of scary. But after I did several solo shoots and videos, I was feeling much more comfortable and confident in front of the cameras, so I changed my mind about the hardcore. It's a decision I've never regretted."

I like this scene a lot because Brandy is a soft and cuddly freshman being trained right then and there, the cameraman gets in close with lots of P.O.V. and the sex is very natural and real.

This video is on DVD in Bangin' Brandy Talore. We still sell it at Remember, you are watching the first-ever fuck scene of Brandy Talore, whose birthday is February 2.

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