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A Girl Who Will Never Have To Go Home Alone

Featuring: Dylan Ryder, J Mac, and Peter
Duration: 22:44
This point-of-view fuck encounter (my favorite style of "virtual porn") illustrates why beautiful Dylan Ryder will never need to go home by herself. I think she was born to porn. Being a natural exhibitionist propelled Dylan into becoming a porn star. She's stopped from time to time and done other things for brief periods but always went back to it. "I like to be watched," Dylan told us. That's the voyeur's dream, a Peeping Tom's greatest wish. "My windows are always open. I love to play with my pussy, sometimes while I am just doing chores around the house. I'll stop and take a few minutes to please myself. I have very dirty, bad fantasies that I keep only in my mind." Another girl starts the ball rolling in this scene when she spitefully knocks a drink over on Dylan.

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