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Shower Time With A Polish Goddess

Featuring: Ines Cudna
Duration: 11:51
Ines Cudna has one of the most beautiful faces and bodies ever seen in Voluptuous and SCORE so I've been at a loss for several years now about why no one comments about her anymore or asks about photographing her again. The girl can't take a bad picture or a bad video. Maybe she's just too beautiful, looks too unattainable. Physical perfection can intimidate a guy but Ines is in fact super-friendly and very down-to-earth. Maybe people think she sits in front of a mirror all day brushing her hair until the phone rings with a photo assignment. But she studied mechanical engineering in school back home in Poland. What does that tell you? Ines is actually on the quiet side but she can be chatty when she wants to be. She is polite and well-mannered. When you see her naked body you just can't take your eyes off her. At first, Ines was very shy about spreading her legs open, but she opened up quickly and became an expert with girl toys.

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