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Bathing with Michelle Bond

Featuring: Michelle Bond
Duration: 14:07
"When I go out partying, I wear skimpy stuff, but during the day, I wear a skirt and a top because there aren't many dresses that fit me," said British natural Michelle Bond, a SCORE and Voluptuous Girl since 2002. "I'm kinda small around the waist, but I'm big around the top, so if I find a dress that fits me around the top, it's massive around the waist, and if I find a dress that fits around the waist, it's too small on top. And that's when my boobs start getting on my nerves a little bit. Most of the time I love them, but there are times when they're too much. Of course, when I'm modeling for SCORE, which I love, they're great!" Michelle was more of a SCORE Girl than a V-Girl when we first met her, slim and busty but not overly stacked. As she matured, she put on a little bit of weight, and almost all of it went to her tits. By the time we hooked up with her in 2010 in Portugal, her tits had reached superstar dimensions. In this video, Michelle bathes and plays with herself. What could be better? She soaps up her tits and diddles her clit. Then she takes a huge, rubber cock and slides it into her pussy.

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