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The Girl Who Does It All

Featuring: Tony D'Sergio and Victoria
Duration: 18:09
I don't know what took me so long to share this video with you guys because Victoria Brown is one of my favorite porn stars and this is one of our hottest scenes ever. It was shot in London, England in 2002 when Victoria was only 22 years old, which is hard to believe considering how expert she is at deep-throating cock and taking it deep in her tight asshole. Now, I know some of you prefer girls-next-door, a girl you could bring home to meet the parents. I prefer the opposite: raunchy sex sluts who you wouldn't bring home to meet the parents because she just might blow Dad under the dining room table. Or try to fuck Mom with a strap-on. Victoria falls into the latter category, as you'll see in this scene. As Elliot wrote, "Victoria, an English porn star, became an immediate SCORE editorial staff favorite with this filthy, dirty, raunchy display of wet fucking, vacuum-powered sucking and toying where the sun don't shine. There is no time spent on formalities and niceties in this video. No time for tea and crumpets. It's tea-bagging and crumpets." And deep-throating, and fucking her asshole with a big, rubber dildo while Tony has his cock in her pussy, and getting fucked in the ass.

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