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Take Me To Boob Bliss

Featuring: Aileen Ghettman
Duration: 20:11
I wasn't around for this scene, but I am pleased to say that I was on the set for Aileen Ghettman's scene in the movie Boob Science. Unfortunately, I didn't get to fuck her. Someone else did. Fortunately, I got eyefuls of her big, naturals tits bulging out of a sheer top that was only partly buttoned, and before I left the room, I got a glimpse of her super-hairy pussy, too. You know, no matter how many times I see SCORE Girls in the flesh, I never cease to be amazed by how stupendously built some of those girls are. Aileen is one of them. Aileen is one of the most-unusual SCORE Girls I've ever met. On the one hand, she comes across as shy and very girl-next-doorish. On the other hand, she's a professional dominatrix who does some very kinky things. I asked her about the kinkiest dominatrix thing she'd ever done, and she answered, "Prostate massaging." Hey, whatever floats your boat.

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October 29, 2013
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