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Big Boobs For The Geeky Techie

Featuring: Alix Lakehurst
Duration: 21:02
Alix Lakehurst is an interesting girl. She enjoys riding on public transportation buses and trains in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois baring her boobs for her webcam fans to see (and any people who might be on the bus or train). It's very daring of her. I like a girl who's daring and likes exposing her boobs in public. As far as I know, she's never been caught, but who knows? Maybe she has and got out of it by flashing the cop. "I can have sex anywhere from six times a day to once a week," Alix told us. "Once I had sex with a guy, and in a 24-hour period, he came 15 times!" Any girl who can get a guy to cum 15 times in 24 hours is the kind of girl you want to be around. Alix also said, "Intelligence gets me every time. I'm attracted to geeky, strong guys that can pick me up over their shoulder and also fix my computer. I love hair, too.

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January 21, 2013
Alix dresses down for the start of this movie, looking like the housewife next door. That is, if the housewife next door was likely to attack your cock with her mouth before inviting you to "fuck my tits." Her enthusiasm is matched by her male co-star and together they really go at it. Go Alix!

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