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Angel of big boobs

Featuring: Angel DeLuca
Duration: 21:57
Angel DeLuca is a web-cam model. This is a relatively new, special breed of cat. They usually don't begin as traditional photo models or strippers in clubs so they're not out there and visible. I thought big-boobed Angel was a great fit for V-mag and XLGirls. I know from experience that it's not easy getting web-cam girls to model outside the comfort zone of their bedrooms because I contact the ones I think have the right bodies and faces. I might contact one out of 50 or more I see. At-home cams are one thing but posing professionally in a studio for a real photographer is another story. I've talked to a lot of web-cam girls the past couple of years and a good percentage of them seemed nervous or hesitant or they don't trust that people are who they say they are since all the guys who log in are anonymous. In fact, once web-cam models get here, they enjoy the experience. What's not to like? They make great money, they get professional styling, their trip is covered and they're treated very well by the studio staff.

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