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Angel of big boobs

Featuring: Angel DeLuca
Duration: 21:57
Angel DeLuca is a web-cam model. This is a relatively new, special breed of cat. They usually don't begin as traditional photo models or strippers in clubs so they're not out there and visible. I thought big-boobed Angel was a great fit for V-mag and XL Girls. I know from experience that it's not easy getting web-cam girls to model outside the comfort zone of their bedrooms because I contact the ones I think have the right bodies and faces. I might contact one out of 50 or more I see at any given time because the rest don't make the grade. Because of the wide-angle of the web-cam, their breast sizes are blown out of proportion. When you see real photos, they're not nearly as topheavy as they appeared. Angel is the real deal. At-home cams are one thing but posing professionally in a studio for a real photographer is another story.

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