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If The Shoe Fits You Must Squeeze Her Tits

Featuring: Angelica Raven
Date: January 7th, 2016
Duration: 30:06
Angelica Raven goes to a shoe store and winds up getting dicked by the manager in his office. Is this why guys open ladies' shoes and lingerie stores? Makes sense to me. An endless supply of women parade in and out of these shops. Some of them might be hot and more than merely friendly. It's easy pickin's. Known as "Busty Becky" when she debuted at SCORE, Angelica has a beautiful "fuck-me" face. Some girls have it, some don't. Arranging to shoot her for the first time meant negotiating with a dude who was her "webmaster/agent" at the time and that wasn't easy. SCORELAND2 will soon post her original solo video. The cameraman got closer to her than her gynecologist.

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