Big Boob videos » What happens in ladies clothing stores stays in clothing stores

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What happens in ladies clothing stores stays in clothing stores

Featuring: Ana and Annie Swanson
Duration: 21:24
Annie Swanson, a great V-Mag discovery and a busty little pixie, starred in her own hit DVD, Ultimate Annie Swanson. The basic story was about Annie looking for a job and the sexual adventures each job search pulled her into. In the first chapter, Annie applies for a job at an adult company that needs phone sex operators and webcam girls to play with their huge tits and pink pussies while their customers fap off. In this chapter, part two, Annie goes for another job managing a ladies' clothing store. Ana walks in the store, and when Ana and Anna spy each other, they can't keep their hands to themselves. The store is not doing any business, so the girls have the privacy to get their pussies off in a horny lesbian grope fest. So this is what goes on in those ladies clothing boutiques. Ana was a slim and stacked girl-next-door and a swinger who dabbled in porn for a year or so before she moved on to other things. She was sweet-faced and a nice contrast to more-voluptuously stacked, bigger-chested Annie. She lived in Virginia Beach and wrote poetry, rode horses and worked as an animal caretaker.

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