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The early years

Featuring: Annie Swanson
Duration: 13:23
This video was one of Annie Swanson's first. She took to modeling so quickly, I thought she'd done it many times before. If you don't know Annie's story, here's a quick recap. She discovered her boyfriend's secret stash of Voluptuous magazines in the bathroom. She looked at the girls, knew how much she packed in her own bras and thought she could easily be a V-Girl, too. Of course, she was 100% right. She contacted The SCORE Group, sent pictures and, boom, she was in. If she hadn't found those mags, if we didn't present the girls the way we do, she'd have never written us and we'd have never known about her. Randomness has its own order and logic. It was April 2002 when she first arrived at SCORE.

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