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Pickup on SCORE Street

Featuring: Beverly Paige
Date: December 21st, 2015
Duration: 22:06
By Dave Rosenbaum Two guys are sitting in a car when they see a hot-looking Goth chick in sexy clothes coming out of a building. It's Beverly Paige. She looks like she's hot in that outfit. She also looks hot in that outfit. The guys call her over. "You're looking real good," one of them says. "I was actually complimenting you on your titties. I was wondering how big they were." Okay, stop. This is the kind of comment that can result in one of two things: 1.) The girl calling you a sleazy asshole and walking away; 2.) The girl saying "Thank you" and offering up her tits to you. Now which one do you think happens here? Amazing.

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