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Are Redheads Hotter In Ohio?

Featuring: Brandy Dean and Keith
Duration: 23:05
You've seen those late-night adult telephone commercials. A good-looking girl in a sexy outfit holds a phone to her ear and seems like she is having a great time meeting new booty calls. I wrote the theme for this Brandy Dean one-on-one after being inspired by an especially hot babe in one of them. Except I took our scene way beyond what TV commercials do. Brandy is already on the phone. She's reclining in bed and dressed like all curvy, big-titted redheads dress in Ohio in a tube top, shorts and fuck shoes. She keeps the line open as a guy comes over to the bed. Brandy lowers her top and begins sucking him off, hands-free (the best way). He fucks the hell out of Brandy's pussy and her big boobs in a bunch of raunchy positions. It was really well-shot.

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