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A High, Hard One For Miss Love

Featuring: Brittany Love, Mike Uwate, and Rod Hart
Duration: 16:54
I always thought Brittany Love could have become a top porn star if she had wanted. This scene, one of her rare XXX videos with a stud, is presented to back up my claim. She's really into the sex and gets a good dicking then a huge facial that she rubs into her face. She licks off the remainder and licks the cum off her fingers while looking into the camera. However, as a traveling feature dancer, Brittany's main interest was headlining at clubs and winning contests and strip club awards, not fucking in hardcore videos. Debuting as the covergirl of the January 2000 SCORE, Brittany was invited to Boob Cruise 2000 in the spring of that year. Brittany also became one of the go-to girls for girl-girl hardcore action, lapping and toying with Haley Hills, Deanna Baldwin, Dawn Stone and Mary Carey--a hot line-up. The friendly Georgia redhead was a familiar face at SCORE in the early '00s, and we even did an "At Home" piece with her in her house for the March '00 issue. A SCUBA diver, Brittany drives motorcycles, is an expert markswoman and is your all-around outdoor Southern gal. Brittany retired from everything in the mid-00s and now works at a health care-related job.

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