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Brittany loses her shirt

Featuring: Brittany O'Neil
Duration: 24:04
The great Brittany O'Neil wants to score big at cards. That's because big-breasted babes love to gamble and walk around casinos in sexy little outfits. Unfortunately for busty Brittany, the deck is as stacked as she is and the crooked dealer is Matt Bixel, subject of an article in the May '05 SCORE. (We rarely profile porn studs.) Once Brittany runs out of cash, she has to offer another form of currency to the dealer. Brittany is as sharp as she is stacked and she has a down-to-earth approach to sex and guys. "For all you guys out there, don't ever worry about the size," Brittany said. "It's not the size. It's how you do it. It really is. It's all about your technique." Guys tend to think that porn stars are size queens.

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