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Sweating To The Boobies

Featuring: Camelia Davis
Duration: 19:14
Voluptuous editor Maria once said of Camelia Davis, "Ladies like Camelia are special because not only can you have a great chat with her but you know if you had the chance to spend five minutes with her in private, she could probably fuck you senseless and then pat you on the back and send you on your way." I think Maria was dead-on with that assessment. As I mentioned last time Camelia appeared at SCORELAND2, she always has a look in her eyes that says, "I want to fuck you." She is not the kind of girl who needs to be wined and dined and romanced. You can do those things for her if you want, but that would be like taking the long route to her tits (giant, natural F-cups) and pussy (a rare innie, by the way) when the shortcut would be a lot more efficient and fun. "I love a lot of foreplay," Camelia said. "I love having my pussy licked nice and slow until I start grinding on a guy's face and I can feel my cum getting his mouth and nose all slick. I like to get my pussy fucked by a tongue until my pussy contracts and I can't stop cumming. But don't get me wrong. I love cock. I love to suck it, over and over, for a long time. I love to give head.

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