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Hot Stripper Ho

Featuring: Carly Parker and Jarrod Steed
Duration: 22:51
Carly Parker plays a good stripper. She has the walk, the talk and everything else. No surprise that she is dirty and hot and acts like a real stripper in this video shot on the mean streets. The interaction is also priceless. "A hundred dollars!!! I ain't a cheap whore!" Carly yells at a driver when he tries to bargain prices with her in a parking lot. "I got the good shit, baby," she says, jiggling her impressive DD-cup tits in his face. "Not like those trashy bitches!" "Can I get anal, too?" the persistent John asks. "No baby, no anal," retorts Carly. "But I'll do you for two." The rest is like Love Story without the love. Or the story.

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