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Threesome in My Boob Heaven

Featuring: Charlee Chase and Kitty Lynxxx
Duration: 31:51
As Elliot so poetically put it, "My Boob Heaven is the story of a man who is happily married to Charlee Chase but can't keep his cock out of other women's throats and pussies (and Denise Derringer's butthole)." In this epic motion picture, one that truly explored the male fantasy of fucking busty women everywhere he goes, our hero fucks his wife, then he fucks his busty boss (Denise Derringer) in the ass and then he fucks the girl at the gym (Angie Sward). After all this, he comes home thinking his day of fucking is over. Maybe he'll have a quickie with his wife before he goes to bed. Maybe she'll eat Angie's dried up pussy juices off her husband's cock. But no sooner does he climb into bed than his wife tells him that they have to go out. And where are they going? Well, turns out it's Kitty Lynxxx's birthday. Kitty is Charlee's friend. Kitty's always horny on her birthday, but somehow, she doesn't have a man. So she asks Charlee to bring her husband over. Charlee, being a good friend and a good wife, says she will.

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