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Knockin' Nipples

Featuring: Crisa and Joana Bliss
Duration: 17:59
Crisa, a Voluptuous Girl, has interests that her pussy friend Joana also practices. "I always meditate every day," Crisa told me. "I have been practicing Tantra yoga for years now. This kind of yoga is very good for a person's sex drive. I study the Kama Sutra. This is my life and what I do every day." Joana and Crisa got a free trip to Spain for this and several other TSG shoots when they were just starting out as models. They have sexy, curvy bodies combined with very soft, ultra-feminine personalities. Crisa's fellow Romanian Joana comes by to see what Crisa is up to on the upper terrace, and when she sees Crisa tickling her pussy, Joana instinctively copies her. Crisa opens her eyes and sees Joana then pulls her on top of her, wrapping her legs around Joana's back like a wife wraps her legs around her husband in missionary fucking. European women have a certain style that is very natural, earthy and relaxed.

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