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Measure those nose cones

Featuring: Daphne Rosen
Duration: 19:01
Here, Jeremy has the rare pleasure of measuring Daphne Rosen's chest. He comes up with 36G. The tape does not lie. Then he has the even better pleasure of fucking Daphne's mouth, big tits and hot taco. "My pussy likes to accommodate all sorts of cock, so whether the cock is big or small, it figures it out and suctions right around it," Daphne said. "I've got ass and I'm thick, so if you can get the cock past my thighs and to the hole, we're all good." Daphne is one of the smartest girls I ever met in porn. A college grad, she was studying to become a therapist. A sex therapist, of course. Who's better to be a sex advisor, a chick who's read a few books, has a degree and talks out of her butt or a chick who fucked hundreds of men (and quite a few girls) in every way and has been involved in every possible sexual reads a ton of books and has a degree? Daphne was always ready to have her tits fucked, and that bedroom sport ramped up when she super-sized her chest in 2006. "I love the sensation of the cock moving up and down between my tits.

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