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Busty Berliner

Featuring: Deborah Blue
Duration: 12:03
Deborah Blue was a brand-new German addition to the Voluptuous universe in 2006. The American staff never had the honors of shooting her. Deborah was filmed in London, England. She modeled for only a very short time and completely dropped out of sight by 2008. Deborah said she liked to watch soccer, read romance novels and tabloid magazines and watch the TV soaps. She also said she enjoys spending afternoons sightseeing in Berlin and going to special events and festivities, and she wanted to go to Munich for Oktoberfest. If she ever did, Oktoberbreast would have been a better name. Imagine her stuffed into a sexy beer maid's dress carrying her big jugs. "I am a very sedate person," Deborah said. "I don't like to go to noisy clubs or parties.

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