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Dee Dee's Giant Tits

Featuring: Dee Dee Deluxx
Duration: 26:15
"I've made an art form out of titty-fucking. I love being titty-fucked," says Dee Dee Deluxx, a Vegas megabuster who visited SCORE several years ago for a series of hardcore shoots. "I'm into cock and ball worship. I'll fill my mouth with balls like a guy sucks on a nipple. I'm not into girls although everyone wishes I was." Dee Dee used to be known as Malibu Slick for a short time before she changed her name. She used to visit the Exotic Dancer Expo and hang out with her sisters-in-huge-tits. In this video, Dee Dee Deluxx's gullible husband has left the house for the office while the devoted wife lounges around the house all day watching Oprah and waiting for delivery men to bring over their big packages. This leaves Dee Dee time to fuck neighborhood stud Tony, who's been hiding behind the bed, aching to bang Dee Dee. Tony is entranced by Dee Dee's mega-boobs, the biggest in town, and he greedily sucks on her pointy nipples before he fucks her. "Dee Dee's pussy was really tight, like an 18 year-old's.

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