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Hello Titty

Featuring: Dors Feline
Duration: 10:19
In 2009, Dors Feline visited the SCORE building in Miami while she was in the States for an Internext convention in Hollywood, Florida. One of our guys gave Dors and her webmistress at the time the guided tour of the place which is not as sprawling as DisneyWorld but does have its own form of Magic Mountains. I always love to see a model get the guided tour of the building. She gets to see the staff and look at how we have things set up such as the big editorial room, and all the other departments. I think it's more impressive than seeing two guys with cameras in an apartment. Unfortunately, we couldn't do anything with Dors in our studio that day for two reasons. A British citizen, Dors was under contract to said webmistress, also a Brit, and a revised US code (18 USC § 2257) prevents non-US citizens from modeling on US soil unless they have a work visa issued by Homeland Security. I'm not saying every adult studio in the USA obeys this ruling created in 2005 but The SCORE Group does, at considerable expense. That's why we often go to the Caribbean or Europe. About a year later, Dors told us she was now free as a bird to model.

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July 22, 2013
January 16, 2013
I LOVE Dors! I love her body, her face, her tats, everything. Her tats are colorful, playful, whimsical, and show off her personality, unlike all the colorless "tribal" BS that's out there. I'd read her body any day of the week! (And she can ink her breasts, too! I fantasize about being the artist that gets to see and touch them while inking them up!)

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