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The girl in silk stockings and a corset

Featuring: Emilia Boshe
Duration: 12:25
Emilia Boshe is a nice German girl who just happens to have a killer body and a pair of the biggest natural boobs in Germany. I don't know if Emilia or Nadine Jansen has the biggest. I don't think a side-by-side shot exists. "Emilia was a lot of fun to photograph," our cameraman said, "even though she looks quite the serious one when we're shooting." "My breasts are so big and heavy that the only time I don't wear a bra is when I am sleeping," Emilia said. I've never had the chance to meet Emilia face-to-boob and she never gets to the States, even though Germans love to vacation in Florida. I have the impression she's a homebody. But I did want to know what it takes to get chummy with this strapping Valkyrie. Perhaps enjoy an afternoon of bra shopping or skinny-dipping. "I like a guy who is charming and knows how to treat women. I do not want to speak to guys who are rude and impatient.

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