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Opportunity Knocked, And Farrah Fucked

Featuring: Farrah and Tony Rubino
Duration: 22:45
You know how sometimes, you'll be walking along, maybe on the street or at the mall, and you'll see a chick walking in your direction, and she's wearing a low-cut top, and her tits are pouring out of it, and on top of that, she's wearing a short skirt and fuck-me pumps? And then you'll check her out, give her the once over, the twice over and the three times over, practically undress her with your eyes, and she'll give you a look like, "Keep your eyes to yourself, perv"? And you're thinking, "What the fuck? You've got your goodies on display. Don't you want people to look?" This happens to me all the time. I don't understand those girls. Well, I'm happy to report that Farrah Vancock is not one of those girls. Farrah, who was a 22-year-old college student from Dallas, Texas (born in Philadelphia) when she debuted in the September 2009 issue of SCORE, would be insulted if you didn't look. "I love when I'm out in public and men look at me," Farrah said. "They're checking out my chest, and I'm checking out the bulge in their pants. I almost never fail to get a reaction, but when I do, I just work it a little more." With a 42-27-36 body and H-cup naturals, Farrah doesn't have to work hard. Her tits do all the work for her. She described herself to me as "classy with a little slut.

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