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"How To Pull A Pud," By Holly Halston

Featuring: Holly Halston and Troy Halston
Duration: 18:13
And now we come to one of the all-time nastiest, sluttiest and dirtiest busty cock lovers in all of SCORE, and also a very nice lady, Holly Halston. A woman who gave up her tight asshole to extramarital cocks for the first time in the DVD My Wife Your Meat after years of only doing porn with her then-husband Troy Halston. A woman who trained Christy Marks for her first and only anal sex scene (Christy Marks Anal Angel) and fucked side-by-side with her on twin beds so she could supervise Christy's anal deflowering while she was getting fucked by Troy. Unlike the porn dudes who've smacked her rack, the closest physical contact I've ever had with Holly was in making a five-image photo series with her for the July 2003 issue of Looker magazine. It was to illustrate an article called "Speed Seduction" about those commercialized pick-up gurus. I was fully dressed. Holly took off everything but her heels and panties in the last shot. Mr. Happy Pants never left the no-fly zone. She also punched me in the face for a photo to illustrate an article about the book The Asshole's Guide To Picking Up Chicks.

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