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Busted by June Summers

Featuring: June Summers and Aiden Boyd
Duration: 16:38
June Summers loves to fuck, loves being a porn star and loves being watched while she fucks. Some girls might get into porn for the money, but June isn't one of those girls. June got into porn because she likes sucking and fucking as much big, fat, hard stranger cock as she can get her mouth, tits and pussy around, and if you're gonna pay her for it, too, well, that's even better. I remember once when June shot a boy-girl scene in our photo archive room. Now, our archive room has walls on three sides and glass windows and doors on the side facing the rest of the office, and everyone at The SCORE Group can see what's going on in there. Well, when we shoot a scene in our archive room (which isn't often), we usually cover the windows with curtains. Part of that is so that the entire staff doesn't sit there for two hours watching fucking when they should be working (which, of course, often involves watching fucking) and part of that is for the privacy of the models. I know, go figure. Well, June wanted us to keep the windows uncovered so everyone could watch. And although we explained to her why we couldn't do that, she did want the guy who accompanied her to the shoot to stand in the room and watch while she fucked.

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