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A College Coed's Captivating Cleavage

Featuring: Katt Messina
Duration: 09:05
Few girls remind me more of the transitory nature of the models we photograph than Katt Messina, a red-haired cutie-pie. They come, they go, we stay. Sometimes I get a little sad about that. Why can't they all move to apartments near the SCORE building? This college co-ed was discovered by a modeling agent and SCORE reader in Michigan. Katt sounds like the actress Jodie Foster and has a perky, coy sense of humor which comes across in this video. The worst thing a guy can say to Katt is: "Women belong in the kitchen." So I did not say that. Besides, I believe women belong naked in front of a camera in the kitchen or any other place I can think of. So what did Katt say she liked in a man? "A guy with maturity, someone who knows what he wants out of life and goes after it. The ability to make me laugh and the humility to laugh at my bad humor. Anyone who thinks that women belong in the kitchen is not my kind of man." Maturity? Humility? There's no way any man can live up to the unattainable demands these women expect.

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