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Kerry gets us hard at work

Featuring: Kerry Marie
Date: October 22nd, 2015
Duration: 22:16
Kerry Marie is hard at work, and that makes us hard. She's a female construction worker, but nobody seems to be around so she decides to take care of her womanly needs. Ten minutes into the video, some lucky fucker shows up and handles Kerry's JJ-cup naturals, but he doesn't get to stick his cock between them. Nobody has ever done that on-camera. When the guy leaves, Kerry attaches a dildo to a drill--very industrious of her, don't you think?--and uses it to fuck her pussy. Hey, the guy could've done that. This scene was shot in 2003, when this English beauty was starting to plump up and gain tit mass. There's some great oiling in the video. I don't think any girl has ever looked better with oiled-up tits. Kerry also proves to be very good with the dildo, a skill her country-mate (and the girl she's most associated with) Lorna Morgan never showed off.

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