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Talented Kiko Lee gets a firm grip on the beef bat.

Featuring: Carlos Rios and Kiko Lee
Duration: 15:22
I was watching a reality show on The Learning Channel (yes, the same "Learning" Channel that produces Honey Boo Boo) called "Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs." Yes, THAT Pete Rose. 71 year-old Pete's fiancée is a 36 year-old Asian-American named Kiana Kim, who is smokin' hot with big tits. I especially enjoyed the footage of her swinging at baseballs in a batting cage. She has two children from a previous relationship and is a model. How come so many hot Asians are named Kiana? According to the Urban Dictionary, a dubious source of information, a "Kiana" is a hot girl with a great ass. I'll accept that definition. I'm happy for Pete, all-time Major League leader in hits (4,256), and while I was watching the first two episodes (and learning a great deal, thanks to The Learning Channel) I remembered our interview with Asian-American SCORE Girl Kiko Lee, who easily drains a dude dry in this blistering stroke-off scene. Kiko has good hands. Why did it ring a bell? Because Kiko talked about Pete Rose a few years ago. "I was walking around Vegas shopping," Kiko told us.

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