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Party in your pants

Featuring: Kiko Lee and Carlos Rios
Duration: 16:38
The last time Kiko Lee appeared at SCORELAND2, Elliot mentioned that Kiko once had sex with Pete Rose, the former baseball star. Today, as Kiko makes her second SCORELAND2 appearance by fucking a guy who isn't Pete Rose (but did play professional baseball), I'd like to recount the rest of that conversation. It went like this: ME: Have you ever had sex with a famous person and said to yourself afterwards, "Wow, I can't believe I just had sex with that guy!" KIKO: Yes. It was with a famous baseball player. ME: Okay, you're teasing us too much! KIKO: Pete Rose. ME: You had sex with Pete Rose? The ex-baseball player? KIKO: Yes. ME: You found Pete Rose attractive? KIKO: Yes. He's a very smart businessman. He's still making money now even though he's considered the worst baseball player for gambling. He's still a good businessman.

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