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Kitana's big-boob lingerie shageroo

Featuring: Kitana Flores
Date: December 25th, 2015
Duration: 31:43
Elliot James wrote, "After seeing Kitana Flores in 'Big-Boobed Lingerie Shageroo,' it's more difficult than ever to say who is currently the hottest, busty Latina on SCORELAND. Right now, we're being torn apart by Kitana, Angelina Castro (both Florida beach bunnies) and west coaster Daylene Rio. Then there are the Dominican girls: Miosotis, Chica and Kristina Milan." Kitana Flores isn't as busty as most of those girls, but she has incredible sex appeal. Here, she's very much a Latina sex kitten, pleasing her man, being very feminine, but taking charge when she has to, too. "I live in South Beach now, but I was born in Puerto Rico. The islands of beautiful people and beautiful booties," Kitana said. "I don't like to brag about my body or think I'm all that." But she is. "I'd rather be naked than wear clothes, but I think there's a time and a place for everything. I always wear a bra, even though I can probably get away with not wearing one. Part of the reason I wear a bra is because I don't want my nipples poking through and part of the reason is because I want to keep my breasts nice.

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