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Hot tub tits

Featuring: Lillian Faye
Duration: 15:01
Here's Lillian Faye wearing a bikini that just doesn't work. By that, I don't mean it doesn't look good on her. It looks great on her. What I mean is that the bikini is completely overwhelmed by Lillian's big, floppy F-cup naturals. Big, floppy naturals are a major challenge for a bikini, and this blue one is basically covering her nipples and not doing anything else. Not much support. This bikini is to Lillian's tits what LeBron James' teammates are to LeBron. They're just not helping much. Of course, I'd rather look at Lillian's big, floppy tits than LeBron. In this scene, Lillian uses a toy in a hot tub.

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August 07, 2015
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June 24, 2015
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