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Linsey the bra saleswoman

Date February 18th, 2016
Duration 24:08
Would you buy a bra from this woman? Who wouldn't, even if you're a man and don't need a bra. Buying a bra from Linsey Dawn McKenzie is like buying a pair of basketball shoes from LeBron James or a baseball bat from Alex Rodriguez. These people know their stuff. Here, HH-cup Linsey, perhaps the greatest natural ever, opens her briefcase filled with bras and models them. After a while, she also gets around to playing with her pussy. This girl knows how to seal a deal. "I have a very hard time finding bras that fit," Linsey told us. "I usually have to have them made. I can't just walk into a store and pick something off the shelf. I buy my bras at Rigby & Peller, the most famous bra store in England.

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