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Lisa Lipps in "Tit Attack"

Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Duration: 27:04
About 12 years ago, I interviewed the great Lisa Lipps just after she came off the set from a hardcore scene. I asked her if she'd enjoyed herself, and she said, "Yes, and I did it with this big cock, probably 11 and a half inches long. I took the whole thing. I'm very proud of that. It just barely fit in my mouth, but I went almost all the way down. I tried to deep throat it. I like to practice, so I went as deep as I could. There was only about an inch left at the bottom. Probably I swallowed nine. It's something I picked up and have been practicing lately." Then I asked her the obvious question, which is how she'd been practicing, and Lisa said, "I find a strange guy that I'm attracted to, take him home and say, 'Hey, can I use your dick as a prop, 'cause I'd really like to learn how to suck dick better'" Can you imagine a woman like Lisa Lipps coming up to you and asking you that question? It's not even a question, right? It's more like a statement: "I'm going to deep-throat your cock now." Whoa! Now, I had intended to ask Lisa about her life, maybe get to know the real Lisa Lipps, but it quickly became clear that the real Lisa Lipps sucked and fucked a lot and that's all she wanted to talk about (I had a similar feeling when I interviewed porn star/SCORE Girl Gianna Rossi in the Bahamas).

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