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When Porn Star Meets Glamour Girl

Featuring: Gianna Rossi and Lorna Morgan
Duration: 27:28
During our week in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, in June 2007, Lorna Morgan used her breaks from shooting photos and videos to read and work on her computer and chat with the other girls, mostly Angela White and Christy Marks. Oh, and to get the latest on the mosquito situation. Those no-see-ums were killers that week, Lorna will tell you. Gianna Rossi used her breaks to strip off whatever clothes she still had on (usually none), grab a towel, walk out to the beach, jump in the water and sunbathe nude. And there, splayed out on her towel, wearing not a stitch of clothing, a true sun goddess if ever there was one, Gianna was showing more on the beach than Lorna usually did in her photo shoots and videos. So when I heard that we were planning to do a girl-girl scene with Lorna and Gianna, my first reaction was, "What?" And my second reaction was, "Lorna's okay with that?" Because although I knew there would be ground rules for this scene (no strap-ons, no pussy fingering, no sucking the cunt juices off each other's fingers), I also knew that Gianna was, at heart, a porn star. I mean, this is the girl who showed up in Eleuthera and the first thing she asked was, "Where's the cock?" Words that have never emanated from Lorna's mouth. I gotta say, I didn't know how this would work out. Would Gianna come down to Lorna's level of heat? Or would Lorna rise to Gianna's level? I'm happy to say that Lorna rose higher than Gianna came down. There's deep-tongue kissing, tit sucking, some very aggressive sexual behavior by Lorna, Gianna fucking Lorna's pussy with her nipples and a lot of grinding.

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