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Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice on Boob Cruise 2000

Featuring: Jessica Justice and Lorna Morgan
Duration: 11:37
Today's posting is comprised of two separate videos of Lorna Morgan and Jessica Justice from Boob Cruise 2000, the last one that sailed. Now, some of you might own Boobs Ahoy!, the DVD from that cruise, but the three hours of action on that DVD are only a fraction of the more than 50 hours of footage that was shot. Much of it has never been seen, and that would still be the case had Elliot James not sat down for hours upon hours recently, poring over more than 50 tapes. Don't feel sorry for the man. He was looking at video of some of the best busty babes ever. No wonder he kept disappearing to the men's lounge. These videos show the girls romping on the beach in the British Virgin Islands. The girls couldn't be more different. Lorna is a busty natural from Wales, United Kingdom. Jessica was a feature dancer from Virginia, U.S.A.

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December 17, 2014
"Babe" is now spelled Lorna!

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