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The busty bellhop at Hooter Hotel

Featuring: Melissa Mandlikova
Duration: 16:51
Here's Melissa Mandlikova as the bellhop in a scene from the DVD Hooter Hotel, which is, in short, about a hotel where all the employees are beautiful and have big tits and all of the guests go home happy. Melissa brings up the bags for a guest, but when he tries to tip her, she won't take his money. Instead, Melissa wants to tip him by putting on a private show. Next thing we know, Melissa is getting on the bed and removing every piece of clothing except her cap. She fucks her pussy with a vibrator and plays with her tits. Now the sheets are all wet, but the happy guest doesn't care. Hey, how come I've never been to a hotel like this? The hotel in Hooter Hotel was actually an old castle in Hungary where we shot Busty Riding Academy. While in Hungary, Melissa Mandlikova also did a tits 'n' tugs scene. I'm happy to report that Melissa recently returned to our studio, and she was bursting with baby. Yep, she's pregnant, and if you head on over to SCORELAND, you can see the video.

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