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Mellie In Wonderland

Featuring: Mellie D
Duration: 13:48
I've always had a hard spot for naked British girls with big tits. I love their accents, too, no matter what part of Britain they are from. When Mellie D. began modeling, she and her 32Gs naturally found their way over to the SCORE studio in London where she was photographed for Voluptuous magazine. Mellie said she became a model after being encouraged by the famous British magician Rob McKenna. Mellie's a British citizen and lives in Bristol (which, of course, is slang for tits). I thought Mellie D. was UK-born and raised, so I was surprised when she told me that she was born in Los Angeles, California and went to school in America. "I loved high school in Chatsworth, California," Mellie told me. "I made some lifelong friends.

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