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They called her "Melons"

Featuring: Mellie D
Duration: 15:37
Mellie D. is a busty brunette English model, dog rescuer and musician who grew up in Chatsworth, California and went to high school there. Then she moved to the United Kingdom. "When I first moved to the UK, I didn't like it, but it didn't take long to change my mind. Also, the girls over here have big titties!" Mellie told me in an interview. I love English accents coming out of the mouths of big-boobed girls. "My nickname at school was 'Melons.' My yearbooks are full of references to the size of my tits. I was a D-cup at 12, and they have been steadily getting bigger ever since. Girls used to make fun of me in PE, but the guys all loved it. They called me fat, said that I was going to suffer backaches, etc.

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