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Melonie Maxxx has more to fuck

Featuring: Melonie Max
Date: August 5th, 2015
Duration: 15:01
This scene is from the movie More To Fuck, which was a spoof of the short-lived reality TV dating show More To Love. In the show, a plus-sized man tries to find the love of his life from among 20 XL-type girls. We were pretty sure that there was some sex going on behind the scenes, so we decided to cut the bullshit with More To Fuck. In our version, a stud who isn't plus-sized is looking for love in all the right places, meaning in the cleavage and between the legs of several XL Girls. One of those girls is G-cupper Melonie Maxxx, who has natural tits any boob-loving man could fall in love with. Melonie and the bachelor, John, are having dinner. John stands up and, while shaking a whipped cream can, says, "You know, I'm kinda full. But, ah, I was wondering if you would suck my cock." Melonie smiles as he says this. "I love dessert," she replies. This is the kind of stuff you won't see on TV.

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