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A taste of Honey

Featuring: Michelle Honey
Date: July 15th, 2015
Duration: 24:46
Michelle Honey was a cutie from Las Vegas who dropped by our studio in 2008, got ass-fucked by two of our studs (including the one here) and then left. I always thought Michelle had that bad-girl slut look about her, and it came out in her scenes. She was a dancer and cam model in Vegas. I don't know where she is now. Michelle told us, "I love my tits and I enjoy hearing guys make comments about them when I walk past them. If they didn't make comments, I'd think something was wrong with me!" That's the spirit, Michelle! Don't you hate women who walk around with their cleavage 90% out and get pissed off when guys stare at their tits? I mean, what the fuck? What is that about? Michelle knows if she dresses to show off her tits, guys are going to look. If they're not looking, something is wrong..with the guy! Michelle had a short but interesting career in the spotlight. She appeared on model Tyra Banks' reality show and lived in a house called Porntown with other female adult entertainers. The idea was to see if there is a hierarchy or pecking order among different types of girls. Actually, there is.

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