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May Day, May Day!

Featuring: Michelle May
Duration: 17:27
One of my favorite interviews ever was with Michelle May and Camelia Davis back in 2009. It was the first time I'd interviewed two girls at once, and these two girls couldn't have been more different. Michelle is tall (5'9") and Camelia is short (5'2"). Michelle is white and Camelia is Latin. But they had a few important things in common: They were both newcomers, and they both had big tits. This interview was fascinating not because of anything they said (although they said a lot of hard-on inducing things) but because of how they interacted. It's always amusing when two big-boobed girls get together because they always end up talking about the same thing: big boobs and the pros and cons of having them, bras, etc. That's what these two girls talked about but they did it on-camera, almost as if the camera wasn't there. The interview is in the SCORELAND archive, and if you have the chance, you should check it out if for no other reason than both girls have their tits out almost the entire time. Early in the interview, Camelia measured Michelle, and Michelle was surprised to find out that she wasn't a DDD-cup, as she had thought, but a G-cup (a DDD-cup is the equivalent of an F-cup, so Michelle was one cup-size bigger than the bras she was buying).

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