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Minka's big-tit attack

Featuring: Minka
Duration: 24:55
Minka has enjoyed a long and distinguished modeling career, and she's still going strong. The October '14 SCORE magazine (available at celebrated 20 years of Minka with a 10-page spread. In this video, the notorious hot-sheet fuck palace called The No-Tell Motel is the setting where Minka provides mega-boobed full service for Matt. He's been cruising with a pocketful of cash when luck strikes. He sees Minka in a tiny dress on the street outside the motel and is prepared to fall in love inside the No-Tell's "Jungle Paradise" room with mirrored ceiling and a vibrating bed that takes dollars. "How much?" asks Matt. "I charge a lot!" Minka answers, bending over and thrusting her massive moneymakers into his passenger window. "Wow! Those are some huge tits! Hop in the car," Matt tells Minka. "You're gonna love them," Minka murmurs, and she means it. "You fuck between my tits, get sucky-sucky, fucky-fucky.

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