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Win Minka's bra, tits and pussy!

Featuring: Minka and Juan Largo
Duration: 23:40
"I was a tennis player in South Korea," said Minka in an interview for the DVD Maximum Minka. "I stopped playing tennis when I came to the United States in 1994. I tried to get a job as a tennis teacher in Washington, D.C., but I didn't have a license to teach tennis, and I couldn't pass the written test. Then one day, I was playing in the Asian Olympic Games in Chicago, and my friend, she's a plastic surgeon, she and I were showering together and she said to me, 'Why don't you get into the men's magazines? Don't teach tennis. How much money can you make teaching tennis?' So I sent three pictures to your studio in England, and one week later, they sent an airplane ticket, and I was in England." That was the beginning of it all for Minka, who would become one of the most-famous big-bust models in history. Her first issue was the October '94 SCORE, now a collectors' magazine. Minka was the covergirl and an instant sensation at newsstands. Twenty years of Minka and still going strong..the world's bustiest Asian model, dancer, ring girl, reality TV celebrity and XXX movie superstar has a huge list of credits. Three Boob Cruises. The Mega-Boob Olympics.

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