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Fixin' to bust her bra

Featuring Morgan Page
Date October 15th, 2015
Duration 10:42
Texas is known as the Lone Star State, but with girls like Morgan Page, it should be known as the Boner State. Morgan is a Texas girl who was looking for jobs on a models and photographers forum. We saw her model showcase page in 2012 and invited her to pose. The blonde 30H natural had posed in a dozen shoots, mostly swimsuit and hot outfit stuff, but nothing like SCORE. "I thought it would be fun," Morgan said. "It's a new experience for me, posing like this. I'd like to become known as a model, but I also want to have fun. Back home, I don't show myself off on purpose but my boobs are so big that it looks like I'm dressing to show my body off. "I know that men like tits and I have big tits. I do tend to pick cleavage shirts.

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