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The Power Of Tits

Featuring: Nancy Navarro
Duration: 25:07
Nancy Navarro made me do something that nobody has ever been able to make me do and, in all likelihood, will ever make me do again: She made me say that the Yankees are the best baseball team in America. I said it only because she refused to take her top off and show me her tits until I did, and I wanted to see those tits: G-cup naturals that had never before been seen on-camera. So there you go..the power of big tits. I hope Nancy's happy now with the Yankees having gone into the proverbial tank. I'm happy--and you should be happy--that this slim and naturally stacked secretary from New York City showed all for our cameras. "When I go to a Yankee game, I'll wear a really low-cut Yankees shirt," she told me. "I like the fact that the guys in my section forget the game and they're just staring at me. And I'm like, 'You're at the game. You spent whatever for the game, and you're not watching the game.' It's fun. My sisters won't go to a game with me anymore.

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October 02, 2013
More of her please!!!

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