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How to stiffen nipples

Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Duration: 17:23
"Usually my friends have very small boobs and they get very jealous of me because I have such big boobs. I can feel it wherever we go and whatever we are doing. But I can't help it that my breasts are so big." Natalie Fiore said this during her first time with SCORE in Nassau, the Bahamas. This scene was shot in the Czech Republic several years after her debut. It's my favorite series from that time period. I love her rack in those shoots. After this, Natalie was invited to On Location Grand Bahama and then to On Location Puerto Vallarta. When Natalie opened the door in this video and stepped through the doorway, I did a double-take. That's because her massive tits, cradled by her half-cup brassiere, create a giant boob-shelf she could serve drinks on. Natalie became one of the hottest video stars at SCORELAND when she debuted, and for years after, she was super-popular.

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